San Antonio Tour "Coast of Poets"

Departure from terminal.

The tour will begin with a panoramic tour of the city, visiting the Museum of San Antonio (MUSA) with a simultaneous guide to the visit. We will then proceed in a van to Isla Negra town where one of the houses of the legendary writer and poet Pablo Neruda "Casa Museo Isla Negra" (ticket not included) is located. This picturesque summer residence inspired one of his most famous poems. Afterwards, we will visit the beach of Las Cruces, its waterfront and the house of the recently deceased poet Nicanor Parra who create the "antipoetry", a literary genre of his authorship. Then we will continue south towards the beach of Cartagena where we will know buildings of great architectural value such as the smallest house in Chile, the Church of the Devil as well as the House Museum of the famous poet Vicente Huidobro who brought the surrealism to Chile, as well as naturalism. In the early 1900s, Cartagena was the quintessential seaside resort where the boom and peak of this city was lived.

We will finish the circuit in the best way, with a natural view, by visiting the Wetland of Cartagena, a space that houses a variety of flora and fauna of the central area of our country, where you can appreciate nature in a space of recovery and attachment to nature.

Arrival in San Antonio. End of our services.

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Casablanca vineyards Tour

Departure from the terminal, we will go out in a van with a bilingual tour guide towards the Casablanca area reknowned worldwide for its wines. It is one of the valleys by excellence where we can find different varieties of wine, among them the typical Carmenere strain from Chile, which was re-discovered in these latitudes. We will visit Viña Indomita and after a 45 minutes guided tour on its facilities we will have a wine tasting with 3 different samplings. After this we will visit Viñamar, and its wine bar, where we will have a tasting of two wines and attractive discounts when buying.

After that, we will visit Rio Tinto, also known as the wine supermarket, where besides tasting, we can buy very good wine of different years, strains, and prices. Apart from typical handicrafts with materials unique from Chile, among them Lapizlazuli. Time for lunch not included.

Tours Disponibles Valparaiso

The coastal cities of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar are located only 90 minutes from Santiago; the trip towards them takes you through the central valley, famous for its wines, fruits, and cheese. Valparaíso, declared in 2003 by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site due to its exceptional testimony of the first phase of globalization of the end of the 19th century, is one of the Chile’s main ports, which through its spontaneous architecture –built on 41 hills- shows one of Chile’s most culturally active cities. Viña del Mar, on the other hand, initially was a land of wineries today is Chile’s most important beachside cities.